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Artist Run


Artist Run is a short documentary featuring several artist run galleries in Berlin (Neukölln) and Reykjavík (city centre) and the actuality that surrounds their spaces. Through interviews we get to know the gallery managers and artists working in the cities or exhibiting in the art spaces during the filming period in fall 2017. Behind the documentary lies journalistic and anthropological research on the vibrant young art scene from which, alongside the interviews, we conclude about the reality that artist run galleries face in zones where gentrification and tourism are some of the biggest influences.


Artist Run was released in May 2018 with premieres in Berlin and Reykjavík. An art exhibition was set up in Ekkisens art space in relation to the film screenings. Artist Run has also been screened at the Vilnius Academy of Arts and at Supermarket – Stockholm Independent Art Fair.

Special thanks to Erasmus+ and EUF for funding and to everyone that participated.


In Reykjavík: Bismút, Ekkisens, Gallery Port, Harbinger, Kling & Bang, Andrea Ágústa Aðalsteinsdóttir, Anton Logi Ólafsson, Árni Már Erlingsson, Freyja Eilíf, Hekla Dögg Jónsdóttir, Lukas Kindermann, Ragnar Már Nikulásson, Steinunn Eldflaug, Steinunn Marta Önnudóttir, Sunneva Ása Weisshappel, Þrándur Þórarinsson and to Gaukurinn for screening the film.


In Berlin: Dzialdov, Galerie Studio St St, Keith Bar, The Landing Strip, Dino Steinhof, Inga Krüger, Jonathan Schmidt, Juwelia Soraya, Katja Kottmann, Ken Wiatrek, Michael Pohl, Oliver Griffin, Steinunn Gunnlaugsdóttir and to Keith Bar for screening the film.


"You can open an artspace on a pin"
"Take your space and steal it"
"Art is what you make of it"
“You have to be imaginative”
“I’m motivated to help fellow artists”
“The idea is everything”
“Project your story onto my work”
“We need more artist run spaces”
“More nonsense, please”
“No comparison for Icelandic artists”
“Opportunities in economic crashes”
“Drama in claiming art spaces”
“I wanted a voice or a choice”
“Artist run spaces have more freedom”
“Art is a value of the heart here”