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“The idea is everything”

“The idea is everything”



Dino Steinhof

How important is the idea behind the art?

To Berlin sculptor Dino Steinhof the idea is everything.

“The idea behind the work is the most important thing, in the process I find the best material, the best shape and the best result for each idea.”

We talked to the 30-year-old artist at gallery space Dzialdov where he was showing four of his works, including digital drawing, glass sculpture and installation pieces.

Looking to represent a freedom and joy through his work as he experienced painting and drawing as a child, the theme of his latest exhibition was movement and achieving this sense of movement within his sculptures.

The Berlin-based artist says it’s a city of opportunity for creatives. From finding inspiration on its streets to the many and various off spaces in the city to exhibit at.

“It’s important for artists to show their work and see how people react to improve yourself as an artist, especially as a young artist.”

But while the smaller off spaces are plentiful, Dino says the commercial scene is a lot harder to break into in Berlin.

“Berlin has a huge number of artists from all over the world, it’s a positive, we have a diverse, heterogeneous and vivid art scene… But there are too many exhibitions I feel sometimes, there are so many spaces it’s very hard to get an idea what’s going on. It’s not a very local scene for better or worse.”

Yet he added that one of Berlin’s biggest draws is the art that’s available and because of the abundance of spaces people can have a direct encounter with the art that’s on display.

“Art is important because it brings people together from different backgrounds, people come to this city because they’re interested in art and culture… People will always find something interesting to them here.”

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Words by Beth Cherryman

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