“Standing on the shoulders of giants”

“Standing on the shoulders of giants”




The whole process of film making requires teamwork, from the early production to the final product, teamwork is the common factor, I don’t think there are many industries that rely on teamwork in all aspects as much as film making does.


Creation and funding

Creating a film requires funding, whether it is a short film, a feature film, promotional video or a commercial, it always costs something, and the platforms for fundraising are always growing, but this is one of the earliest stages of film making and we can see that the teamwork starts here, no one person can fund a big film project on their own without backing and help from other people or companies, and this sets the tone for a whole project.


Shooting a film

Teamwork on sets is probably the most important part where teamwork is necessary, anyone who has tried to shoot a film project knows that this is not a job done alone, and anyone who has ever seen a credit list from a feature film knows that even if the Directors name or the lead actors name are the names people associate with a certain film the credit list consists of hundreds of people, elaborating on the subject of teamwork on film sets I feel that there is a substantial difference between low budget project and big budget, because on low budget film sets you might need to be a little more flexible in your role when on the other hand on big budget film sets designated roles are very important for the whole shoot to run according to plan and everyone needs to be focused on their role.


The creative and the organised

There is a very interesting aspect of film making and it is the collaboration between the creative and the organised, film making is the perfect blend of them both and one could not exist without the other. Film production is a company it is a machine that is run by people from different backgrounds and this is one of the more necessary aspects of the whole process, that many different types of creativity and creative personnel are crucial for a film production to work smoothly



During the final stages, the filmmakers need to market their product, this is again not a project for a single person, there are special editors that specialize in editing trailers and teasers, there is graphic designers that have specialized in posters, banners and billboards. There has been countless research done on how you can reach the most people, and what will “catch” the eyes of people.



In the end film making is and will always be a collective creation, and the people that work on any given film project at any given time need to be ready to listen and learn from others, and there lies in my opinion the foundation of everything we as filmmakers do and how this might actually be the “ultimate” teamwork, where every young filmmaker learns from those who came before and without the sharing of ideas and knowledge we would be in a much worse place, and just to end on a high note, We all stand on the shoulders of giants.

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